Murranji Gallery (Photography by Rod Hartvigsen)

I Am Back At Last

February 18th, 2012

Well after a break of nearly three years, I have finally got around to doing some admin work on my website. I have been promising people/clients for a long time that I would put some more images up of the Kimberley Region and i finally made a start. What have I been doing you ask. Well........... latest thing has been a couple of excursions out onto the beautiful Roebuck Bay here in Broome. I volunteered to take some photographs for a dedicated marine scientist called Deb Theile. Debs current activity (one she has been working on for a while) is the study of the amazing Snubfin Dolphins that call Roebuck Bay home. They have only recently (2005) been identified as a new species of Dolphin that closely resemble Irrawaddy Dolphins. They are a curious mammal that live in the shallow waters of Roebuck Bay, as can be seen in the photo.

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