Murranji Gallery (Photography by Rod Hartvigsen)


1. What type of camera do you use?
Although the photographs in the collection have been taken with a variety of digital cameras, for the last 3 years I have been using Canon digital SLR cameras. I currently use a Canon 1D Mk11 and a Canon 1DS mk11.
2. You have a lot of panoramic photographs. How are these taken?
As there are no commercially available Digital panoramic cameras to date, many of the images i have are a combination of several photographs. The benefit of this is that it is possible to capture a scene with no distortion, the vista is close to the scene seen through your eyes. The resolution of the final photograph is exceptional. (some photographs printed over 1500mm long are not enlarged !)
3. Do you enhance the colour in your photographs?
Colour in a photograph can be enhanced in many ways. Some photographers use coloured filters. I have only 2 photographs in my collection that have a filter added to them. Some use polarising filters. I rarely ever use a polarising filter. I rely on the natural polarisation we sometime experience in the tropics. Some use very slow speed film that over saturate a photograph in it capture and it's development. As I use entirely digital SLR's, this is not an issue. My intention is to produce a photograph that represents the incredible colours in my environment. By careful processing of RAW captured digital images, I endeavour to show that the North West of Western Australia with it's cream sand beach, red sand dunes and cliffs, turquoise waters and azure blue skies, requires absolutely NO ENHANCEMENT!
4. Do you print onto canvas?
Yes! all our images are available on canvas, some sizes are available to order only please contact us for more details. After investigating several brands of canvas, we have settled on a poly-cotton canvas that is exceptional for portraying the vibrancy colours of the area. The canvases are printed using the best of archival quality pigment inks in the 'Giclee' process. As a final protection from UV, dust, insects etc, the canvas is coated with a Museum grade Giclee Veneer.

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