Murranji Gallery (Photography by Rod Hartvigsen)


This is the second exhibition of fine art photographs in recent years by Rod Hartvigsen, one of Broome’s prominent photographers.

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Unlike the first exhibition, which centered on the incredible landscape variations and colour of the Wild Kimberley, this exhibition concentrates on the complexities of the tones and textures found in this area of Australia. As well as this, it also showcases Rod’s movement to a simpler, non commercial style of photography. It is here that you can see what interests the person behind the lens. To enable this interest to be simplified, many of the photographs are in black and white. It is only with black and white that we can concentrate on the shapes and textures before us. We are not overwhelmed by the incredible colours of the Kimberley landscape. We are left to look at the shapes and the transitions of shadow. We can then enjoy these shapes and how they fit into their surroundings.

The exhibition is titled ‘Movements’ for several reasons.

  1. Firstly, the main subject matter of the photographs is just that. The Kimberley is an area of extremes. It has extreme movements of water in the form of seas and rivers. It has extreme movements of air, cloud masses and materials like sand and rock. These movements form fantastic shapes and shadows, textures and tones.
  2. Secondly, the movement being portrayed by these photographs is a movement away from Rod’s traditional bread and butter photography. He has decided that he will no longer concentrate on what he calls ‘photography for income’, but move more in the direction of his other love. That is ‘photography for photography’. He will still provide his ‘location’ images to visitors to the Kimberley who want a ‘memory’ photo, but his main aim will be to capture a more artistic form of photography.
    This is partly shown in the small collection at this exhibition of ‘Nudes in Landscape’.
    ‘Fine Art Nudes’ in a Kimberley landscape is an attempt to show our landscape in a different light. We have a very sensuous environment in the Kimberley with many localities that we may visit every day that portray a sensitivity that we often overlook. A rock, a tree or a shape on the sand. They are all components of an incredible environment that we must not take for granted!
  3. Thirdly, the ‘Movement’ of Murranji Gallery is happening. The gallery will no longer be in Short Street, Chinatown. Rod is moving it to 13 Ord Way. Here it will be next door to his framing, printing and general production Studio. It will also be closer to his son, Andrew, his partner, Kerry and her daughter Lola and his yacht (un-named) that needs lots of work before it can transport all four along the Kimberley coast to capture those ‘special moments’!

So enjoy this exhibition of ‘Movements’.

We hope you have a similar experience viewing them that Rod had in creating them.

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