Murranji Gallery (Photography by Rod Hartvigsen)

A Walk On The Wildside

This exhibition was based entirely on photographs captured during two bushwalks undertaken in 2006.

Walk #1

Feb/March 2006 - Mitchell Falls

Undertaken with two friends, Dave Dureau and Hugh Brown, we flew by light aircraft to the Mitchell Plateau Airstrip. It was our intention to walk the 18km to the Mitchell Falls and camp there for a week. Fortunately we were offered a lift by Ambrose from the Kandiwal Aborigine Community (what's more, Ambrose turned up a week later without asking to give us a lift back as well!).

We camped near Big Mertens Waterfall and used this for a base to explore the wonders of the Mitchell Falls area during a very intense wet season. We endured lightning storms, torrential rain, flooded creeks and spectacular waterfalls but enjoyed vistas rarely seen by visitors to this area of the Kimberley.

It was truly a 'Wet Season Wonderland' that also punished both walker and equipment.

These Photo's which are available for purchase on this site were captured on this walk:

  • Mitchell Falls
    Mitchell Falls
  • Lost (aka No Canoes)
    Lost aka No Canoes
  • Kimberley Grandeur
    Kimberley Grandeur
  • Big Merten Falls
    Big Merten Falls
  • Relatively Temporary
    Relatively Temporary
  • Flowering Confusion
    Flowering Confusion
  • Montgomery Reef #1
    Montgomery Reef #1
  • Montgomery Reef #2
    Montgomery Reef #2
  • I'll Stand By You
    I'll Stand By You
  • I Shall Survive
    I Shall Survive
  • Swamp Lines
    No Longer Available ?
  • Natural Progression
    No Longer Available ?

Walk #2

June/July 2006 - Moran River

The Moran River is one of the most spectacular areas of the remote Kimberley. A gorge within a gorge, it is in this area that the explorer Bradshaw found the Aboriginal Gwoin Gwoin Art that is also given his name.

To reach it we (a group of friends who explore a new area every year) traveled to the Mitchell Falls and then were dropped off by helicopter approximately 100km due south of the falls. Here we walked, climbed, fell and scrambled for two weeks in some of the most rugged yet spectacular country imaginable.

These photographs were captured on this walk and are available for purchase on this site:

  • Incoming
  • Location Confusion
    Location Confusion
  • Don't Bark, Be Happy
    Don't Bark, Be Happy
  • Dry Season is Born
    Location Confusion
  • Splashes of Colour
    Splashes of Colour

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