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About Murranji Gallery

Ibis in Trees - Sepia finishMurranji Photography was created in 2002 by renaming Rod's former company Digipics, originally formed in 1999. The Murranji name was selected due to it's significance to the Hartvigsen family history as it was on the Murranji Stock route in the Northern Territory that Rod's father, Phil, worked in the 1940's and 50's. The name resonates more with the style of his photography. It is grass roots photography that is appreciative of the wonders of the Australian Outback. It looks at the wide vistas of the bush and faraway places as well as the people who live in these places. It looks at the big picture as well as the little picture. From landscape panoramas to ants on an apple core! Rod's work is different from the styles of many photographers.

Rocky RoadThe business has grown from initially capturing images for web sites and advertising to one that is a display of the North West of Australia, known as the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, seen through the eyes of Rod Hartvigsen the photographer. Murranji Photography is also in it's own right, an independent photographic business that is available to capture the essence of the Kimberley and Pilbara. Corporate, Commercial and Tourism Operators also use Rod's flair for capturing the feel of this unique region of Australia.

Murranji Photography also provides numerous services to the Arts in the North west. By capturing and printing other artists work for the enjoyment of others, Rod Hartvigsen endeavours to promote the public's enjoyment of not only Photographic Art but jewellery, paintings and body painting.

Rod’s photographic work is forever changing and Murranji Photography’s methods of showcasing his work will change as well. Currently it is available from Murranji Gallery, several select outlets in Broome and via this website.

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